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Watch the World Get Hacked In Real Time

An amazing new map is visualising hacking globally

Watch the World Get Hacked In Real Time© 2019 Norse

Think your data is safe? Think again. With billions now using the web, the number of hacking attacks on business and governments are growing at a rapid rate, and now thanks to security company Norse, we now have a way to visual this ongoing cyber war.

Cyber security analysts at Norse have created a live, interactive map, which provides viewers with a way to observe hacking activity worldwide in real time. The map itself doesn’t show every single hack that occurs, as they are of course intended to stay stealthy and under the radar. Instead, Norse is utilizing a so-called ‘honeypot’ machine, which acts as a target for viruses and other hacking malware, scooping up information of attacks from the internet.

With this in mind, the map provides us with some interesting insight into the state of hacking and its geographical distribution. The USA stands out as the largest target for hackers, while China, unsurprisingly is the most common origin. This being said, the USA is also the second largest origin for hacks, making it no cyber-saint either.

What this map clearly shows is that we live in a world full a cyber threats and vigilance is our best defence. Well, that and strong passwords…

Check out the real time hacking map in all its glory here.

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