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Watch These Little Humanoid Robots Dance

Dance, Baby, Dance!

Nicole Billitz
Watch These Little Humanoid Robots Dance

On Monday, 100 humanoid robots performed a perfectly synchronized dance routine in Tokyo. Each robot, or Robi, weighs 2.2lbs or 1kg, and 1.1ft or 35cm tall. The ‘100 Robi’ project is the brainchild of Tomotaka Takahashi from Tokyo University.

Using an infrared transmitter allows you to command your Robi to turn the television on and off, and change the channels. He listens to over 250 commands, and can talk. He can dance to music from his internal speaker, and can play games and even complete quizzes! He has patented SHIN-Walk technology that produces a natural, human-like walking movement. Each Robi will sell for around $1,500.


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