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Watch This Amazing Invisibility Cloak Make Objects Vanish

The Rochester Cloak makes small objects disappear completely!

Michael Cruickshank
Watch This Amazing Invisibility Cloak Make Objects Vanish© 2018 University of Rochester

One of the biggest features of science fiction (and some fantasy) movies is the use of so-called ‘cloaking’ in order to make objects disappear completely. Back in the real world, large groups of scientists are working on building real-life machines which can cloak other objects. As well as making objects invisible to sound and infrared spectrums, scientists have also demonstrated small scale cloaking in the visible spectrum through the use of nanomaterials.

Now however a team of the University of Rochester have built their own invisibility device, with a more low tech solution. Called the ‘Rochester Cloak’ this device utilizes centuries old optics technology in order to render an object invisible to the naked eye. By placing a series of lenses around the object which they wish to cloak, they are able to bend light around the  object, making it very difficult to see.

Image: © 2014 University of Rochester

The advantage of this technology is that it is can be viewed from multiple angles. Whereas past approaches could only give an object invisibility when viewed from head-on, the Rochester Cloak can confer invisibility from a viewing angle of close to 60 degrees. In addition, this set up can easily be expanded and scaled up in order to facilitate the cloaking of much larger objects.

Watch the video of this amazing cloaking technology in action below!


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