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Watch Tony Hawk Try Out A Hoverboard

This time it’s for real!

Michael Cruickshank
Watch Tony Hawk Try Out A Hoverboard© 2018 Hendo Hover

Earlier this month we wrote about Hendo Hover and their attempts to hover everyday objects. Through a Kickstarter campaign the company has managed to raise almost half a million dollars towards pursuing their technology. While their patented hover-tech which revolves around the use of strategically placed magnetic fields, is in itself pretty cool, the main reason their crowdfunding campaign was so successful was their ‘Hoverboard’.

In order to captivate the public Hendo integrated four of their hover engines into a board which is slightly larger than a standard longboard. When placed over a metallic surface, this board hovers several centimeters above the ground, allowing for unique and very cool movements by the rider. As well as the board, Hendo also build a small half-pipe in which to test it, however, as of yet, we are yet to see anyone with any real skill trying it out.

Now though, Hendo has enlisted skating superstar Tony Hawk to try out this cool new device and see what he can do with it. Watch in the video below as he spins out of control but yet still managed to make the board look like a whole lot of fun!

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