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We’re Invited

Samsung is promising to show us the newest flagship March 1

Nicole Billitz
We’re Invited

It’s official, the invites have been sent! Samsung will unveil their latest flagship smartphone from the Galaxy series. The invites were sent on Monday, and while they were short and sweet, they promised to reveal “what’s next” for the Galaxy line, in a “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked” event in Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress on March 1.

Coincidentally, this is also the same conference that they launched the 2014 flagship, the Galaxy S5. So it’s likely that we will finally get to see the Galaxy S6. Samsung has done an excellent job at keeping us in the dark, but Mashable seems to think that it will come in two designs: one with a metal body, and one with a curved display, like it’s Galaxy Note Edge, and more importantly, like LG G Flex 2, which to date, has been the most searched smartphone for 2015.

The design with the metal frame will probably have a polycarbonate rear like the Galaxy S5, but it will borrow its design largely from the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which is 6.7mm thin, much thinner than the current Galaxy S5, which gives hope to fans for the future.

It’s also likely that the company will use the conference to release their smartwatch, but it is unlikely that they will use the Galaxy event to do so. The smartwatch will have a round display similar to the Moto 360, and will by powered by Samsung’s Tizen platform, like the Gear S, rather than Google’s Android. The Korean company promised to livestream the event on YouTube as well.

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