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#WeirdCES is Super Entertaining

Photos, Tweets, and more Strange Things

Lauren Messer
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All it takes is a simple hashtag to fill the internet with weird photos, opinions, and videos of the strangest things going on at the Consumer Electronics Show. With over 3,600 exhibitors, there are sure to be a few weirdos and some inventions that no one necessarily needs. We took a peek at some of the response's to Mashable's #WeirdCES tweet and here are just a few of the strange things we found that are happening in Las Vegas this week.

The hashtag has been around since at least 2014 so there are a lot of users who look forward to tweeting their #WeirdCES experiences or who might use it to get a little attention for something that they think is super cool. We prefer the unusual, useless, or outright strange shout outs that make for good entertainment and commentary. Tweets from the past have featured people checking out inventions or interacting with them and letting the world know what they think.

Without further delay, let's take a look at some of the gems from 2016. 

Really Odd Inventions: 

Other inventions that circulated the internet were the refrigerator camera by Smarter that is supposed to allow you to see if you have enough of a certain item when you're at the grocery store but would probably be used by people sitting on the couch. I mean, you don't even have to get up to go stare at the fridge to see if anything is in there anymore. What is the world coming to? The same company had a mat on display as well that connects to WiFi to tell you how much is left...or you could just look in the jar. 

Strange Cars of the Future:

The automotive industry was certainly a frontrunner at this year's show, but that didn't stop some displays from being a little odd. Cars of the future consistently gain traction in the news, but are people really all that excited about driverless car technology that Toyota claims will be available by 2030?  

"Innovative" stuff no one's really excited about:

~Interesting~ People:

 And my personal favorite & winner of weirdness at CES:

There's not much more to say to that than a resounding "Yaaaaaass!" It's been a good run in Las Vegas and the wonderful world of the internet is here to give us the strangest moments and feedback from everyone who was there to check out what is coming next in the world of tech.

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