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Weirdest New Gadget: A Levitating Speaker

Yes, really

Anne Parsons
Weirdest New Gadget: A Levitating Speaker© 2018 Bust it Away Photography

Last week's Berlin IFA was a bit of a treasure trove when it came to gadgets. This levitating speaker, made by Taiwanese company ASWY, is completely pointless, but somehow great. 

It's not even that expensive at $150 - which most sound aficianados will confirm is actually quite reasonable. At the same time, I can't imagine many sound aficianados going for these gimicky speakers. The ASWY's are perhaps more for the kind of space cadet who likes lava lamps, and other mesmerising twirly things.

Here's a Vine taken by one of the attendees of the fair. Mightn't be a bad Christmas present. 

Courtesy of Stan Schroeder

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