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What Actually Is This Meow Chat Thing?

We've all been invited to it, but does anybody actually know what is going on?

Molly Holt
What Actually Is This Meow Chat Thing?© 2019 meow.me

Sick of checking your Facebook notifications only to see ‘Lucy and 176 other friends invited you to play meow chat’? Yep, thought so. And you’re not alone. Total Meow Chat uproar has exploded over Twitter, and after posting a few (ok, 10) angry tweets about it, we decided to stop complaining and find out what it actually is.

A mix between WhatsApp and Tinder, the app began as purely another instant messaging feature for friends but has recently added a ‘random chat’ feature, connecting you up with compatible strangers from around the world. Just like Tinder you can stalk people near you, and then (like Whatsapp) send them messages, voice notes and images. Basically its a dating app disguised as a messaging service... for people pretending to like cats, maybe? But who came up with such brilliance you ask? Created by a group of developers called Minus in New York, a team set up by child genius John Xie (who built his first website at just 9 years old) and Carl Hu (who, as a former software engineer for Microsoft and Amazon is also quite clever). Currently top place of the iTunes app chart in the UK and Australia, as well as top 10 for Android.

So with the app rolling in popularity at the moment, you can look forward to an even bigger influx of Meow Chat invitations... and lots of angry tweets to follow.

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