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What Are The Big Consumer Electronic Events This Spring?

Here are the things you shouldn’t miss at the coming big technology events

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New innovations are always exciting. We love to see out of this world gadgets and advanced technologies that will blow our minds. And because we know you want to be the first to have a look at what's in store this spring, here is the list of things you should watch out for at the next big tech events.

  1. Solar Shirts

Portable chargers are our lifesavers. We love the fact that it’s small, easy to carry and, most especially, it charges our devices. But the only thing we hate is when we leave it at home or when we forget to charge it. Don’t lose hope because Pauline van Dongen, a fashion designer, has developed a revolutionary portable charger that you can never forget. Why? It’s because you’re wearing it.

The IDTechEx, happening on April 27-28, will introduce Dongen’s wearable that is both fashionable and handy called, The Solar Shirt. This shirt combines solar panels and flexible electronics into an attractive shirt that all fashionistas would want to have. According to IDtechEx, the Solar Shirt generates power from 120 thin-film solar cells integrated into the fabric itself. In bright sunlight, it produces around 1 W of electricity - enough to charge a typical phone in a few hours. Electricity generated through the solar panels can be used immediately or stored in the shirt's battery pack for later use.

  1. Phototrope

For those sleepless nights, we suggest you take a midnight run. But before you put on your running shoes, wait for the IDTechEx even to pair those sneakers with a lighting running shirt called the Phototrope.

Phototrope is a illuminating running shirt with LED ribbons, which are hidden behind soft and flexible TPU foils. Not only do you look cool running like you just came from an epic rave party, but this product aims to improve your safety when you go for your midnight jog.

  1. Joan The Meeting Room Assistant

Sussie, you're fired! There’s a new hot assistant in town and her name is Joan. At the IDTechEx 2016, Visionect will be introducing the most reliable meeting room assistant to your offices, Joan. She is an eco-designed digital doorbell and meeting room scheduling solution. Joan's extremely power efficient technology in combination with its superb electronic paper display consumes 99% less energy than other solutions. Joan is installed in just minutes, requires no cabling, and is easily attached to any surface with an easy-stick magnet. Plus she’s never late!

Not only can you use this in offices, you can also use Joan as your personal room assistant whenever you’re doing your homework inside your room and you don't want your siblings and parents to bother you (because you’re really just playing video games).

  1. Virtual Surgeon

On April 29, Wired Health, which is a conference where the latest trends are predicted in the field of medical science, will discuss how Virtual Reality will be the future of medical practice. Shafi Ahmed, cancer surgeon at the Royal London and St Bartholomew’s hospitals, will be leading the discussion and who is also a self-confessed gadget freak. Ahmed looks for ways of introducing wearables into clinical practice: he made headlines in 2014 when he streamed a live operation using Google Glass to 14,000 students and trainees across 132 countries. Medical Realities is in the process of developing The Virtual Surgeon, a 360° VR platform for surgical training.

  1. Apple’s New iOS Updates And More

If you think Apple has made enough upgrades during its event last March, wait until June 13 for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference because this multibillion-dollar iPhone maker has more in store for you Apple freaks out there. According to macrumors, Apple is expected to unveil the latest versions of iOS and OS X, and work on iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 is already well underway. News on additional products that might make an appearance will likely be shared as we get closer to the conference date. Most of Apple's Mac lineup is due for an update and could see refreshes at the event, plus we've heard some unconfirmed rumors suggesting a thinner second-generation Apple Watch could possibly be announced.

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