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What Does Your Photo Roll Say About You

the evolution of the photo roll is kind of worrying

Molly Holt
What Does Your Photo Roll Say About You© 2019 Fiona McLaren - Flickr

Technology is changing everything about life as we know it: Television is no longer shown on tv, most people find their partners online, and nobody does any major shopping in an actual shop. In fact, even your camera roll on your phone has undergone some major changes over the past few years, filled with just as many screenshots and whatsapp images as actual photographs. So Katie Notopoulos set up the hashtag #postyourphotoroll to see just how many of our snaps actually are organic and, in true Twitter style, hilarity ensued... (oh and her theory was proven, too.)

We don't know whats worse: this, or the fact somebody actually spent time making it.

Lucas needs to keep his mouth shut.

What more could a girl want

We've all got plenty of snaps like this saved

Tom Riddle. Peace. District 7. Is this real life or ?

We really hope that's just Sharpie.

The only selfie of the bunch. And a good one at that.

Don't worry, Joseph and the Technicolour dream coat, we spend a lot of time thinking the same.

Because why not angry lego women?

Ah the classic snapchat screenshot. This is one of the more appropriate ones we've seen.

We're not sure what's going on here. But we will continue to stare at it for atleast another few minutes.

Just in case, you know, you ever need to use the image of Mariah in the bath with a dog. One day maybe, one day.

Why is this so funny? It shouldn't be, but it is.

Hoarding strange snaps seems to have become a social norm, with most photo albums filled with memes, screenshots and pics of every meal we've eaten - should we be worried?

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