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What's New With The Latest Android Software Update

Marshmallow 6.0 Brings A Better Experience

Lauren Messer
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What's New With The Latest Android Software Update© 2023 Sony Xperia

Sony is ready for everyone to know what Marshmallow 6.0 is bringing to the table and this new video shows just what is coming to the Xperia Z5 series. Expect updates to security, messaging and the ability to take amazing photos. Check out the video below for a demonstration of a few of the things the update will feature.

Sony released this video of what's new with the software update on Tuesday. Source: YouTube 

The global rollout of Marshmallow 6.0 launched on Monday and users have had all week to explore some of the new improvements to their Sony handsets. Security has gotten an upgrade, requiring that the user give permission to the apps before they can access personal information on the phone. While that may not seem like much to some people, it is a big step toward bringing awareness to what information is available when you are using certain applications. Some people just don't realize that apps may automatically store some of their information without requiring consent, but with the update to the Xperia phones, users will be well aware of what's going on. Enhanced privacy settings are a big plus for smartphone consumers.

The new camera interface may make users feel like they're interacting with a whole new phone. 

The Sony video also shows that Xperia owners will have more control over their camera, with the power to adjust their photos in real-time, as they're getting the shot. With just a quick swipe, users will feel like professional photographers with the ability to switch shooting modes. Choose from selections like 4K video, sweep panorama or style portrait to perfectly capture the moment. With the direct sharing capability, sending photos to your friends is super easy and even has their photos to show you exactly who you're sending it to. The new camera interface may make users feel like they're interacting with a whole new phone. 

On top of that, there are new sticker packs to use with messaging and they've made it easier to edit texts with the basic functions that we all wish were simpler, like copy and paste.  The Xperia update is also bringing extended battery life with Doze functionality. Marshmallow 6.0 features other conveniences like Google Now On Tap and Android Pay, the mobile payment system that compares to Apple Pay. The international updates also feature the February Android security patch from Google which comes with all the native features. These are small improvements and not too crazy on the UI front, but they will make a difference in the experience nonetheless. Sony certainly seems pretty proud of the latest upgrades and users will probably waiting for what comes next with Marshmallow 6.0.1.  

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