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What's The Deal With #ScarfGuy?

This dude's infinity scarf caught everyone's attention

Anne Parsons
What's The Deal With #ScarfGuy?© 2019 Apple

Such was the frenzy surrounding the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch launch yesterday, that it would seem impossible to get sidetracked by anything remotely trivial. Then came Scarf Guy.

Tommy Krul, a Dutch games developer, started trending on Twitter almost immediately, dubbed #scarfguy. At least two parody accounts have sprung up @purpleScarfGuy and @KeynoteScarf to make fun of this guy's completely ridiculous scarf. 

The infinity scarf seemed a tad superfluous for the occasion - but we'll never know what he was thinking. Maybe it was genuinely a bit nippy in the Flint Centre.

We do know that Krul is a co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of the gaming company Super Evil Megacorp - its first release is the multiplayer game, Vainglory.

Here's some of the best Twitter reactions.


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