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What Twitter Had To Say About AirBnb's "Obscene" New Logo

The new design has quite a few sexual connotations.. and shockingly twitter had a lot to say about it

Molly Holt
What Twitter Had To Say About AirBnb's "Obscene" New Logo© 2018 AirBnb

Whether its male genetalia, female genitalia, boobs or a bum, there’s no doubt that the unveiling of AirBnb’s new logo last week has caused a social media storm. Named Bélo, it seems like everyone’s got something to say about the sexually connotative design which, intentional or not, has undeniably been a huge marketing success, garnering mass public attention and many amusing reactions.

Its been dubbed an accidental Rorschach test, where tweets like this show the less, erm, innocent minded people.

And while some people pretended not to notice.

Others just said what we were all thinking outright.

Yep, he's not holding back.

Some people even praised the company for its creative genius.


While others questioned their entrepreneurial ability.

And the logos authenticy.


Well now you mention it...

And others took it to the next level, creating their own versions of the logo. From funny...

To just plain filthy.

Some things you just can't unsee. This is one of them.

Even Picasso and Salvador Dali have got involved.

But we all know that AirBnb aren't the type to shy away.

And they've even created a site for you to create your own version of the infamous design, so now you yourself can draw it like one of your French logos. Georgia O'Keeffe would be so proud right now.

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