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What We Can Expect From Apple in 2015

The tech giant has a business oriented plan in mind for the new year

Nicole Billitz
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We can all agree that 2014 proved to be a fantastic year for Apple. The brand had been dwindling down and the stockings were falling, but this fall, Apple made a fantastic recovery. Tens of millions of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have been sold, and the end is nowhere insight. This year, Apple brought back its old school innovation with a whole new twist.

The first of these major developments was the iconic long-term enterprise with IBM that was announced late this summer. This will revolutionize both companies. Until now, Apple’s only way into the business world was through the backdoor, vis-a-vis the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that swept the whole circa 2008. This new partnership will help usher in Apple through the front door, and will give a whole new face to IBM. Apple is definitely looking to improve their market in the business sector, and to do this, they needed to partner with someone that had the insights into other major industries like transportation, government, healthcare and financial services. In other words, Apple needed IBM.

Therefore, 2015 is likely to see the latest iPad, known already as the iPad Pro or iPad Plus, will be 12.9-inch tablet, massive enough for both the tablet market (which they already dominate), but also a groundbreaking hybrid (something Microsoft has long since had their paws in).

It seems that OS X Yosemite’s Continuity feature was catered almost exclusively for the business market. With Windows 8 lagging behind, Apple has a major advantage in the field.

However, this push for business software will likely to take the lead and leave a lag in hardwear. Aside from the new tablet, the new iPhone 7 that will be produced in 2015 is likely to be a similar copy of the iPhone 6, perhaps with a faster CPU and maybe (finally?) a 13 megapixel camera.

In the interest of business, however, there are rumors according to Mashable, that perhaps Apple will attempt to decrease the price of the 5C, the cheaper and plastic version of the iPhone 5, and will refashion them to entice emerging markets like in India, for example.

The other major step will be music. Apple bought Beats by Dre earlier this year, and its likely that they will find a way to integrate music streaming into a company that has been notoriously against music streaming. Although rumors have been citing “the beginning of the end of the iPod”, we are a bit more skeptical. It’s much more likely that Apple will make a push to integrate software, so as to keep the hardware that creates sales.


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