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When The Club Is Smarter Than The Player

Startup can make you good at golf

Molly Holt
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The next sport to jump on to the technology bandwagon, golf has decided to turn to computers to try improve its performance (well, Tiger Woods’ tactics didn’t seem to work very well). For future reference: if the company has taken their name from a trigonometry function, you know they’ll be providing some accurate results. Arccos uses sensors to track both the effectiveness of your swing and to provide helpful advice if you can’t quite afford a caddy.

The system contains 14 sensors, each screwing onto the end of a club and transmitting information on your skills back to your phone via a bluetooth sensor. Weighing in at only 11 grams, the sensors are light enough not to affect your swing, although you might want to pretend they do when you see your results. Every shot is tracked back to the Arccos app which will display your longest drives and putts per hole through numbers or graphs.

The sensors use GPS technology to make sure it only records your last stroke in each spot, so all that weird waving about of your club for five minutes before you actually hit the ball won’t be added onto your data. A valid and comprehensive overview is further provided by the tracking of individual clubs, so you can assess which driver or iron is best to use in different situations. GPS means the app can access information from over 16,000 different golf courses (thats nearly all of them) in the USA, adding to the validity of data.

The lithium ion batteries last for either a few years or about 50 matches, after which, if you still need the help, can be easily replaced. Much more accurate than goal-line technology, Arccos sensor sets retail for $299 and are currently only available on iOS although an Android version is apparently in the pipeline.

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