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When Virtual Reality Becomes Your Reality

New app lets you socialize with friends in virtual reality

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Just last week, Facebook has announced their official partnership with Samsung Gear VR in making virtual reality social. Now, a virtual reality app called vTime lets you meet friends in imaginary places, in real-time!

The first virtual reality social network by Starship, vTime, creates a lot of possibilities for VR. All you need is the Samsung Gear VR headset or Google Cardboard device, and you’re ready to meet people around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 11.42.55 PM.pngSource: starship-group.com

There are several environments where the users can meet; an arctic campfire, a dinner party in Paris, a forest setting, a private jet in transit, a mountain climbing rig, a tropical beach and even an outside space station meeting.

The environments where users can meet are very simplistic in terms of what we are used to for some VR experiences, however, other than it’s ability to make you experience socializing in other reality, the mobile app demonstration video is impressive.

Growing up, older people have advised us to go out, explore the wonders of the world, meet new people and live an adventure. Little do they know that by this generation, there would be such an app that lets you do all that in the comfort of your own home. Imagine being able to travel the world with your friends, visiting old relatives in your hometown while you’re seated on your couch. Just put on the VR headset and you’re on your way to your dream vacation!

Although the graphics are not hyper realistic, this app promises big things in the future. It won't be long before someone develops a massive Second Life-style version of this VR construct, and then things will really get wild.

And don’t worry—if you don't have the Samsung Gear VR, you will still be able to try out this app via vTime Magic Window. This will allow you to join the social network and interact with other users simply by using your smartphone and headset with a built-in microphone to socialize with your vTime friends. But of course, nothing beats the full of experience of VR.

Virtual reality promises big things as developers continue to create new and exciting features, apps, and software for users to experience the full potential of the VR. As cool as this might appear to be, how will we connect with other people without seeing face to face? Will our society be filled with zombie wearing headsets? Is virtual reality really going to be the new reality?

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