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When Will Wireless Charging Be Popular?

The tech works, and could obsolete traditional chargers, but why is it still unpopular?

Michael Cruickshank
When Will Wireless Charging Be Popular?© 2019 Nokia

As far as things go in the tech world, wireless charging is not new . The the technology behind it, known as ‘inductive charging’ has been around for at least a decade, while the first mobile devices implementing it have been available to consumers for at least 5 years. As well as this device manufacturers got together in 2009 to develop a join charging standard called Qi (pronounced ‘tchee’) to implement across their devices. Despite this, wireless charging is nonetheless still not very common, and the question which should be asked is when will it finally be popular?

When Apple adds it to the iPhone

Apple’s iPhone is still the most popular smartphone model in the world. New features added to it soon become standard on other devices as well. With this trend in mind, Apple fans might have some weight to their argument that wireless charging will become a ‘thing’ when it is finally implemented by Apple. It is also interesting to note that Apple is the only major manufacturer which is yet to sign to up the Qi charging standard.

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When it has longer range

Currently, for wireless charging to be effective, a product needs to be rested on a specialised wireless charging pad. These means that there is very little benefit to it over standard cord-based charging. If wireless charging was improved to allow wireless charging of all devices within a room, then it would fill a much more useful niche. Indeed several companies included well-funded startup WiTricity are working on such groundbreaking tech right now.

When wireless chargers ship with the product

At the moment when you buy a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, you are usually supplied with a standard plug in charger. This means that should you want to use wireless charging you need to purchase an expensive accessory. If these chargers instead would be bundled with the product itself, it is likely that people would adopt wireless charging en masse.

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