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Why Amazon Fire Is The Best Gift For You

And For Everybody Else Too!

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Why Amazon Fire Is The Best Gift For You © 2023 Amazon

They say nothing can compare to the feel and smell of turning the pages of a new book, however, the arrival of e-book readers changed that. Especially when Amazon Fire Tablets arrived and changed that kind of thinking. With their Fire HD 10, Fire HD 8, and Fire Kids Edition, Amazon was able to redefine reading and leisure overtime.

So, why will you want one for this Christmas? That's a good question and here are the answers:

1. It improves its OS for you
These tablets run on Fire OS which Amazon continually improves in order to make sure everyone gets hooked on reading, one way or another. In fact, they recently just rolled out a new update which contains amazing features for old and new users alike.

2. It takes care of your eyes
We all know that reading can cause damage to our eyesight. However, reading using a device can double that danger especially with screens that emit blue light which is said to cause sleep disturbances. Fire Tablets now have the "Blue Shade" feature that gives you specialized filters to limit your exposure to blue light. Now, you don't have to sacrifice your reading before bedtime as Fire Tablets lessen the chances of having delayed REM Sleep.

3. It adheres to your personal preference
Amazon didn't stop at just providing the great help of the Blue Shade. Aside from it offering warm color filters, you can also have the ability to adjust the display brightness to the most comfortable level for you. You can also play around the color setting as the device adjusts the blue wavelength light to accommodate your needs. It's a feature you can easily switch off or on in your settings.

4. It helps you protect your kids
Amazon Tablets is perfect not just for you but also for your child. With its FreeTime software, you can be able to configure a time limit, set bedtime, and limit access to games until they read a set number of pages in a book or other goals you've made as their goal. With the Activity Center feature, you can also see the amount of time your child reads, watches videos, or play games on the tablet.

5. It makes reading and learning fun
FreeTime makes sure that your kids are well-entertained but also given relevant information for their age. There are more than 40,000 hand-curated and age-appropriate YouTube videos and websites available for access at the kid-friendly web browser. The Amazon FreeTime team makes sure each video is geared towards the betterment of your young ones.

With these great features and offerings both for you and your children, these tablets will surely be a good addition to your devices. So, will it make it to your holiday gifts list?

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