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Why Android Lollipop Is A Disaster

Android 5.0 is not the "quantum leap" we were hoping for

Nicole Billitz
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Although the source code was released on November 3, Android’s latest version, Lollipop 5.0, became available to Google devices on November 12. Practically everything since has been a disaster.

According to the BBC "'Some apps won't work and some crash. I wish I didn't install the update', wrote Kristen Sawyer."

As soon as user’s updated their phones, problems arose. Not only does the 2012 Nexus 7 have critical issues, such as becoming completely unusable due to repeatedly crashing, it’s obscenely slow. Also the new operating system removes apps with Adobe Air and then prevents them from being reinstalled. According to the BBC "'Some apps won't work and some crash. I wish I didn't install the update', wrote Kristen Sawyer. Another user said: 'Chrome is dead, unusable, Firefox just about works, the keyboard takes over a minute to load, nearly works if you hunt and peck but dies if you try to swipe'."

Also, for some devices, the issue is even as early as downloading the upgrade. For Nexus 5 owners, many have been having problems to install Android 5.0. Another huge bug has been the wifi-connectivity, or their lack of. This has been a long time issue of Google, and is back for more. Worst though, of all the issues, is the battery drain. Some devices have reported a result fast battery depletion.

Worst though, of all the issues, is the battery drain.

Heralded by Google as a “quantum leap forward”, it had received many positive reviews. Granted, it has redesigned the Material Design, so as to appear both flat and 3D. Developers can also access this design on their apps. Additionally, Google has created a similar experience to Apple, insofar as the user will be able to start one project on one device in one room, and pick up where they left off on in another room with a different device, which means the interface has been updated and improved so as to appear completely homogenous with one another. The new system was also supposed to improve temporary glitches, though, and we see how well that worked out.

However, the upgraded notifications system alone is enough to annoy anyone. The new ticker allows for urgent notifications to appear over the top of the screen, which is great. The problem is that previously, all new messages and calls would appear on the locked screen, and you could scroll up and review them quickly. This is gone. The new Heads-up notifications cover part the screen, but not every app uses it.

The “Interruptions” system also has some irritating issues. You can set an app or a contact as a “priority”, which means that their calls or texts will always get through. This is also a nice feature, but the issue is that there is a “None” setting, which means that if one isn’t careful, your morning alarm clock also won’t get through. That’s right. Not just your notifications, but your alarms as well. Why set the alarm in the first place, if you don’t want it to go off?

Currently, most networks and manufacturers are running their own tests on Android 5.0, which means it won’t be available for most people until the bugs are worked out. That’s lucky for the rest of the public considering the issues. To be fair, Apple iOS 8 had it’s own problems come its release this past September, so hopefully the issue will be fixed soon enough. Still, though, we aren’t convinced.

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