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Why Is Polaroid Is Copying GoPro?

When you can’t innovate, imitate…

Michael Cruickshank
Why Is Polaroid Is Copying GoPro?© 2018 Polaroid

Polaroid is one of the oldest and most well known camera brands. It is a shame then (and a problem for the company) that its most well known product - instant analogue photography - is completely obsolete. While hipsters have managed to keep their businesses alive, it is unlikely that in the digital age they can survive on this market alone.

So in order to turn their business around and create a new hit product, they have turned to one of the most successful newcomers in the photography industry, the GoPro, for inspiration. While they would never officially admit it, the latest Polaroid product, the ‘Polaroid Cube’ bears an intentional similarity to the GoPro.

Image: © 2014 Polaroid

It is a small, cube-shaped digital camera, which can record 1080p HD video, as well as still shots which are saved to a removable SD card. The Cube is designed to be used on the move, and as such, is light and waterproof. Sounding familiar yet? It gets worse. The Cube also comes with a wide angle, 124° fisheye 35mm lens and is made to be easily mountable on different surfaces.

Obvious similarities to the GoPro aside, the Polaroid Cube does also feature some unique additions of its own. Most notable of these is that the camera comes in built with a magnet which allows it to easily stick to and be mounted on any metallic object (such as a bike or a car). In addition to this, the Cube has a much greater emphasis on form factor than the GoPro, coming in a variety of colours and with a more streamlined look than the utilitarian GoPro.

While evidently this isn’t an original device concept, it is a sound business move for Polaroid. First person video is a massively expanding market, and GoPro cameras are prohibitively expensive for many. If Polaroid is able to deliver a similar produce which is better looking, and cheaper, it could see substantial sales figured and reinvigorate Polaroid as a digital photography company.


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