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Why Is YouTube Mad at T-Mobile?

The Service You Don't Know About on Your Phone

Lauren Messer
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Take your low quality video and shove it T-Mobile! YouTube and T-Mobile have been at it for a while now since the launch of the video streaming service, Binge On, which came to consumers in November of this year. So why are the two companies bickering like beauty queens backstage? YouTube isn't a part of Binge On, but it still has a bone to pick with the data saving streaming service that brings users more video while using less data.

Video streaming is increasingly popular as people continue to want to watch content where they want to, when they want to watch it.

What is Binge On exactly? Binge On is a way for T-Mobile users to stream video from sources like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Sling, HBO, Starz and Showtime without having to pay the price in data. Video streaming is increasingly popular as people continue to want to watch content where they want to, when they want to watch it. Sometimes, this comes at a high price to users who want to watch when they're on the go and not connected to a WiFi source or a hotspot. If you've ever been hit by overage charges from your mobile carrier, you know just how bad it can be when you've watched one too many movies and used up all your gigs.

Enter Binge On to save the day. T-Mobile customers with a 3GB plan or larger can stream for free without using their high-speed data. Plus, the service boasts that all other video streaming is optimized for mobile so that you can watch 3x more video with your data plan. And that's where YouTube comes in. The video-sharing website was noticeably absent from the list of sources mentioned above and that's because the company didn't join in on the fun when Binge On was released. Though not part of the program, YouTube still accounts for about 1/5 of T-Mobile's video traffic, which may be why they're a little steamed that their videos are being streamed at such an "optimized" low quality and still costing users their precious data.

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So, what's the problem you ask? Well, first, do you really want to watch video at 480p? That's the question and the low quality crime YouTube claims T-Mobile is committing by streaming their videos at this resolution. In an age where we've come to expect HD video even while we're watching on our mobile phones, it's a point of tension with YouTube that their content is automatically streamed this way. Binge On comes already activated with the T-Mobile eligible accounts and this has companies not involved in the program (like YouTube) concerned with the fact that consumers are complacently receiving this viewing experience. Word has it that the FCC has asked T-Mobile to disclose the details of the service and that the organization will be further investigating due to YouTube's complaint. 

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