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Why, Oh Why, Is It Called Windows 10?

Confused yet?

Michael Cruickshank
Why, Oh Why, Is It Called Windows 10?© 2023 Microsoft

While everyone in the past had been talking about rumours for a forthcoming ‘Windows 9’ operating system, Microsoft has shocked us all by instead titling their latest OS offering as ‘Windows 10’. But what prompted the company to take such a strange step?

The company says that the operating system is a ‘fresh start’ for Microsoft

Officially, the company says that due to the operating system being a ‘fresh start’ for Microsoft, they wanted to name it Windows One, similar to the new Xbox One. However, there already was a Windows One, released more than a decade ago. So for this reason, the company logically chose to name it Windows 10. Of course, this isn't logical at all, but if Microsoft says it is, it must be true.

Other explanations we have heard include that Microsoft in its hubris believes that Windows 10, was too innovative and too different to Windows 8 to be given the number 9, so it was given the number 10 instead. Perhaps also, the company considers last year’s Windows 8.1 update, the non-existent Windows 9, and wanted to save face by not publicizing this fact. More likely however, the company just wants to put as much distance as possible between the new operating system and their failed Windows 8 adventure.

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