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Why You Should Sell Your Car And Invest In This Internet Bike

An electric bike that is so advanced and futuristic that you might want to call your car dealer

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Why You Should Sell Your Car And Invest In This Internet Bike© 2023 VanMoof

What’s the first thing that comes into mind when you hear ‘Futuristic Transportation’? Do you think of flying vehicles causing traffic in the sky? Hover boards that actually hover? Or are you thinking about teleportation? Those are all great but let’s bring you a little closer to reality. We want you to imagine something simpler, something that already exists but is modified to its best potential. What about an electrified bicycle that is connected to the Internet?

VanMoof, a company based in Amsterdam, has figured out a way to make people’s way of transportation a little more interesting and fun. How? By designing an Internet Bike called the Electrified S bike, which will change the means of transportation starting next week. It will still require some pedaling, but it has some outstanding features that will convince you to sell your car and purchase this electric bike.

Source: VanMoof

The Electrified S bike has 5 notable features that might sway you to call your car dealer right now.

  1. Keyless. You don’t have to lock your bike with annoying chains that doesn’t keep bike thieves from stealing your ride, leaving you high and dry at the side of the streets. Now, the Electrified S bike has no lock to pick. Just simply place your hand on the bike and once it confirms that you’re the owner, it will unlock.
  2. Smart. The Electrified S bike is connected to the Internet. Everything you need to do with the bike, you can do it wirelessly through the VanMoof's phone app. Once the bike is connected to the app, you will be able to lock it and power it up all with a tap of a finger.
  3. Superpowered. You don’t have to break a sweat with this bikeas it only needs minimal effort to get you across Manhattan five times in a single charge.
  4. Sleek. Usually, when you think of Electric bike, you think of something unattractive with a bulky battery. VanMoof didn't want that hideous design. So, the Electrified S bike is designed to hide its battery and electric engine inside the frame, and at 18.5g, the Electrified S Bike is one of the lightest electric bike!
  5. Secure. If you manage to lose your electric bike for some legitimate reason, then don't worry because the Electric S bike has a GPS onboard and it will tell you exactly where the bike is at all times. Should your bike get stolen, simply activate the anti-theft tracking on the smartphone app. It is also protected all the theft-sensitive parts on the bike with anti-theft screws and nuts, just in case.

You’re probably induced that the Electrified S bike might be the coolest innovation so far, but there are more benefits into using this bike other than it’s awesome features. You might also want to put into consideration that investing in this electric bike will be environmentally beneficial. If you consider buying this bike then you’ll be reducing human footprint, road traffic, and most especially — decrease air pollution. Let’s face it: having a car is the most essential thing to have next to owning a house. It will get us from point A to B fast and conveniently, but sadly, it has only benefited the users and not the environment. If we are all to switch to the Electrified S Bike, we will be riding on one of the smartest vehicles out there while looking environmentally sexy too! Talk about riding in style right?

The price will take you back as it costs a whopping €2,998. Although it is a bit too much for a bike, you have to remember that this is not just any kind of electric bike. It’s the future. I think this is a better investment rather than buying a Rolls Royce that costs twice your children’s college funds. So why not spend your money wisely in a vehicle that is not only smart, but is beneficial for you and the planet that you’re living in?

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