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Will People Want to Wear an Extra Battery?

This may be functional, but will it ever be fashionable

Michael Cruickshank
Will People Want to Wear an Extra Battery?© 2018 Q Designs

A dead battery is the single greatest annoyance for smartphone users, and it is a trial we have all had to face at one point or another. Despite seemingly ever-increasing phone size and better battery technology, battery life seems to remain static. In fact, research has suggested that smartphone battery life is a buyer’s number one concern when it comes to the features of their next smartphone.

But what if there was a way to increase your battery life without buying a new phone with a super-sized battery? Tech company Q-Designs thinks they have the answer: carrying an extra battery around with you all day.

Image: © 2014 Q Designs

While this seems like a pretty tired concept at first glance, there is more to it than just lugging around a battery pack. Q Designs has created a wearable battery which takes the form of a bracelet. This ‘bracelet’ has a bulky bangle-like form factor, and comes apart at one end to reveal either a micro-USB or Lightning charging point depending on the type of bracelet chosen.

The wearable comes with a 1160mAh battery, which would store enough energy to recharge a iPhone 5S to around 60% and some of the larger Android smartphones and phablets to just under 50% capacity. Q Designs has not given any information on how long the bracelet would take to recharge your phone’s battery, but given that it doesn’t seem to feature any cutting edge charging technology, the bracelet would presumably charge at a roughly similar rate to other supplementary batteries.

Image: © 2014 Q Designs

This long charging time leads to a serious problem for the wearable bracelet. While your phone is connected to the bracelet, it cannot be worn, and instead it transforms the entire smartphone-bracelet system into one very large and awkward tangle of electronics, too big to easily fit into a pocket or purse. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether the gold, silver or black bracelet will ever be considered fashionable enough for daily use, especially by men who traditionally do not wear bracelets.

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