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Will The G4 Have A Stylus?

Another supposed LG G4 sighting

Nicole Billitz
Will The G4 Have A Stylus?

Today on XDA Developer, a user called s3rv1cet3ch uploaded an entire folder of images to the forum entitled “G4 Note”. Since then, speculation has been flourishing, believing the leaked photos to be that of the elusive LG G4. Admittedly, the phone looks a whole lot like the LG G3, but with small, subtle differences.

Unlike the predecessor which had circular components, this smartphone features a square camera sensor and a rectangular power button. It also has what may well be a stylus on the top left corner, but that is only speculation. The Korean version of the G3 has an antenna that could be pulled out in the same spot - so maybe this is just the Korean version of the G4.

Also uploaded were images of software information and settings, which confirmed Android Lollipop out of the box.

Prior to this leak, though, many believed that the G4 would feature a 5-inch, Quad HD curved display, but these images seem to contradict this. However, it might only be that the images make the phone’s curve impossible to see. Additionally, some commenters on the forum spotted with their eagle eyes that the “M8936” baseband version suggests only a Snapdragon 610 processor, which is not exactly what we were expecting for the upcoming flagship.

Unfortunately, we have to sit tight until the end of April to see just what LG has in store for us.

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