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Will The Most Expensive Smartwatch Be Worth It?

Weeks before release, almost everything has leaked…

Michael Cruickshank
Will The Most Expensive Smartwatch Be Worth It?© 2018 Motorola Mobility

Motorola’s Moto360 smartwatch is among the most hyped wearable devices of 2014, perhaps second only to the iWatch. Last week, we were treated to the information we had all been waiting for: the Moto360 was to be finally given a release date - September 4. Now over the weekend, additional details about the wearable device have been revealed through an unlikely source.

Apparently by accident, US retailer Best Buy has listed the Moto360 on its online store somewhat prematurely. The most important piece of information which we can get from this listing is the smartwatch’s price. At $250 dollars in the US, the Moto360 will be the most expensive Android Wear device available on the market, roughly $25-50 more expensive than the competition. Despite this however, many had expected the luxury-designed wearable device would actually go to market at a much more expensive price.

Image: © 2014 Motorola

Alongside this new pricing information, the listing also contains new information of the specifications of the watch itself. Reportedly, it will run a 320x290px backlit LED display which will be covered with a round panel of Gorilla Glass 3 (a letdown for consumers who were hoping for sapphire crystal). Powering the Moto360 will be an as-yet unspecified Texas Instruments chip as well as 512MB of RAM.

The watch itself will be fully waterproof and connect to ‘most’ Android 4.3 smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0. It will be able to monitor common fitness metrics such as number of steps taken as well as heart rate, however it will not feature its own GPS chips.

Unfortunately, we still have no information on the critical feature that is battery life. A battery life which is better than competitors could easily give the device an edge, while a mediocre capacity could leave the watch dead on arrival. For this information we will have to wait a few weeks for the eventual release or at the very least, for more leaks...


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