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Will This Be The Last Ever Nexus?

Rumours and leaks suggest this Nexus may be the last... if it even exists

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Will This Be The Last Ever Nexus?© 2023 Kārlis Dambrāns - Flickr

Rumours are rife surrounding the newest tablet of the Nexus series - and potentially also the last. Dubbed ‘Volantis’ or ‘Nexus 9’, impressive specs of the prospective device have hit the internet, which looks set to rival Apple and Amazon’s newest toys. Supposedly matching the Kindle Fire HDX 2’s 8.9 display, Volantis also weighs in at 7.9mm thick and 418g, has an aluminium frame and a giant Nexus logo on the back. It also boasts a Tegra K1 processor and 2,048x1,440 screen with 281 pixels per inch. Forward-facing stereo speakers for a less quiet and muffled sound experience, an 8mp camera and 2GB of RAM. However, whether the tablet is even real or just pure speculation remains to be seen. Pictures of the rumoured device do not seem to match up to such details, lacking both an aluminium frame, the aforementioned big logo, and looking suspiciously similar to a stretched out version of the Nexus 5.

In fact, Google could be eliminating the four year old Nexus program altogether! With a silver lining in the form of an ‘Android Silver’ line instead. Sorry, couldn’t resist. This ‘Android Silver’ project would see only a few specific high-end devices from a selection of different manufacturers, each one including some significant advantages over non-silver-scheme Android phones such as a service similar to Amazon’s ‘Mayday’ and much more in-store help like Apple. Although ‘Volantis’ is apparently set for release in the fourth quarter alongside the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, this weeks Google I/O could provide us with some key hints over whether or not there’s still hope for Volantis or if its the end of the road for Nexus. This suddenly all feels a bit like X Factor, apart from much more serious.

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