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Will Warner Bros. Have A Summer Smash With Suicide Squad?

Warner Bros. Releases Trailer For New DC Comics Movie

Lauren Messer
Will Warner Bros. Have A Summer Smash With Suicide Squad?© 2019 Warner Bros. Pictures

The Suicide Squad trailer dropped last night at the MTV Movie Awards and it looks like this Warner Bros. production might actually be a DC Comics movie worth seeing. The first official trailer is jam-packed with clips introducing some of the best bad guys, with a special focus on Margot Robie as Harley Quinn. Jared Leto is one creepy Joker and Will Smith will be adding his humor to the mix too. There are a couple of versions floating around, but my favorite is the Blitz trailer below. 

Source: YouTube

This version might be more true to what the movie will be like after the reshoots are finished. You might be asking, why go back and change a movie that's already made? Well, Warner Bros. Pictures has some stiff competition in the super hero film category. Summer blockbusters and the family friendly films created by Disney have given Marvel the edge in the film world as far as critics are concerned. Of course there are plenty of fans ready to argue that solely based on their allegiance to Batman or DC Comics as a whole. 

But, despite word on the street and all the reviews online, Batman vs. Superman has actually earned over $700 million worldwide

When Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice hit box offices, the film got absolutely slammed by critics everywhere. General consensus of the film's low entertainment value had many viewers questioning whether they should go to the theater for this one or wait until it came out for home viewing. Maybe everybody just wanted to throw some serious shade because Ben Affleck is in it, who knows. But, despite word on the street and all the reviews online, Batman vs. Superman has actually earned over $700 million worldwide. So, somebody has been going to see it. 

Even though the latest DC Comics movie has actually been a box office hit, the next one will have to make up for the bad reviews and overall lack of enthusiasm for the series. Warner Bros. is reshooting some of Suicide Squad to try to bring more light and humor to the film as some say it is too dark and may seem too violent for the family crowd. Comment sections on the sites where the trailer has been posted throw out a lot of "I bet these are all of the funny parts" accusations already so, producers and editors probably still have a lot of work to do. We'll have to wait until the August 5th release date to officially give the film a review, but the trailer gives a sneak peak of Batman in a few scenes, so I'm pretty sure people are still going to flock to the theater to see what's up with this film. 


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