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Windows 9 Is Coming Today!

Lets hope it's better than its predecessor…

Michael Cruickshank
Windows 9 Is Coming Today!© 2018 Windows

You don’t have to wait any longer - Windows 9 is almost here! Today, Microsoft will hold an unveiling event for journalists and developers to show off “what’s next for Windows”. This will likely take the form of the release of the Windows Technical Preview, which would show off major features of the new Windows 9 operating system. While the OS is not yet complete and new features will be added before the software’s eventual 2015 public release, if past Technical Previews are anything to go off, it will give us a good idea of what the final version of the operating system will look like.

Windows 9 (likely to be called just ‘Windows’) is the next iteration of Microsoft’s highly successful operating system. This being said, its predecessor, Windows 8, has been somewhat less than spectacular. Many users complained it was hard to use, and poorly optimised for the bulk of desktop business computers. Compounding this, Microsoft took away the Start menu, one of the mainstays of its operating system, in favour a separate screen, causing anger amongst the majority of users.

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Knowing this backlash, Microsoft has been proceeding full steam ahead with a new version of the operating system, Windows 9. This new operating system, which will probably be just called ‘Windows’, has been the subject of numerous leaks over the past weeks, and now finally the public could be about to get its first look at the software.

Microsoft may give away the new software for free.

In the past few days as well, rumours have emerged that Microsoft may be planning to give away the new software for free to pre-existing owners of Windows 8. This notion was given fuel by the comments of Microsoft’s Indonesian president Andreas Diantoro, who allegedly stated: "Windows 9 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 8 users".

This new version of Windows itself is likely to return the Start menu which had been missed by many users. In addition, leaks have show it with a new integrated notifications center, as well as a new way of managing a multiple desktop environment. Stay tuned to hear lots more about the operating system and its features once it is unveiled by Microsoft later today!

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