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Windows On A Watch?

Yes it’s real, and it’s only weeks away

Michael Cruickshank
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The first modern smartwatch device, the Samsung Galaxy Gear was unveiled to the public little more than a year ago, but the tech world moves fast, and a lot can change in a year. Since then, the smartwatch market has exploded, with more and more manufacturers releasing their own vision on how they think we should be wearing their mobile devices. From the G Watch to the Moto360, the Gear S and the Apple Watch, everyone is jostling to be the first to have a successful and popular smartwatch device.

Microsoft is reportedly just weeks away from releasing a smartwatch wearable

In fact, before today there was only one major player who hadn’t revealed a smartwatch: Microsoft. However, according to reporting by Forbes, they too are reportedly just weeks away from releasing a smartwatch wearable which will (presumably) run some variant of the Windows operating system. But what do we know about this device so far?

Primarily, the device will contain all of the functions that are present on competing devices in its category. These includes the ability to passively track heart rate and steps taken, as well as perhaps other health/fitness metrics. The UI will probably be a touch screen similar to that on (now common) Android Wear devices, presumably with some form of voice control via the Cortana personal assistant. In addition, the watch will probably be able to run specialised applications, and connect to the internet.

The new Microsoft device will reportedly work on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

Aside from these basic functions, there are two major points of difference for the new Microsoft smartwatch, with which it hopes it can guarantee success. The first is cross platform support. While other smartwatch devices are often locked to only working with other devices by the same manufacturer, the new Microsoft device will reportedly work on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. This would give it the largest possible market, and reflects the distributed focus of Microsoft under new CEO Satya Nadella.

The second area it hopes it differentiate itself is on battery life. In the past, wearable devices, especially smartwatchs have been plagued by poor battery life, but Microsoft’s new device will reportedly feature a battery which can run for at least two days of use. Given that other devices such as the Moto360 can barely manage a single day’s use, if Microsoft can deliver on this claim, then their device could be very successful indeed.

Expect to hear more about this new Microsoft smartwatch in the coming days and weeks…


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