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Without A Trace: Free Email Encryption Services

Keep your emails safe from third parties with these email encryption services

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Without A Trace: Free Email Encryption Services

Email security has always been a touchy subject. Whether you are on the side against NSA snooping or the side which cries foul over its criminal uses, the subject of email encryption will always be a hot topic. Regardless, if you are distrustful of prying eyes, here are 5 email encryption ideas for you to consider:

1. Virtru

This Chrome and Firefox extension can be used with Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. There is also an Apple and Android app. You get additional features like revoking emails you accidentally sent and standard encrypted emails that have a variety of attachable file types. Lastly, even recipients who do not have the extension can be contacted and they can use the secure web-based reader on their end.

2. Tutanota

This email service encrypts your data locally. This means that even before being sent, your email is completely unreadable to everyone except for the recipient. You get guaranteed end-to-end encryption. Subjects and attachments are also hidden. The code is open-source and you can review it yourself or contribute too. Tutanota can only read the metadata of the sender, recipient, and date of the email.

3. ProtonMail

A forever free email account which is based in Switzerland, protected under Swiss law, and encrypts emails locally—this is the offering of Protonmail. Their servers, even when compromised, will still not be able to decrypt your emails.

4. Riseup

The team behind Riseup is all volunteers and has no vested interest unlike like surveillance corporate emails. The journey of your email is also guaranteed even if the recipient uses a different email provider. Riseup also keeps your IP address safe and it is not embedded in your emails. Lastly, Riseup does not store internet addresses of their users, including email addresses.

5. Confidential CC

This brand new app for Android and iOS had just launched. They claim that the app houses your email accounts and you can use the fourth line “CCC” or confidential cc. The recipient cannot print or even take a screenshot of the emails. Sender, recipient, and email body appear on different screens. The email is also blurred except for a portion that you read. Oh, and you can only read the message once as it self-destructs afterwards, purportedly without leaving any traces.

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