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World's Thinnest Laptop Has Sexy And Stylish Design

HP's Spectre 13 Rivals Apple's MacBook

Lauren Messer
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World's Thinnest Laptop Has Sexy And Stylish Design © 2023 HP Studios

HP has launched the sleekest new laptop on the market that also comes with great specs and a killer design. Spectre 13, which is sometimes known as just HP Spectre, seems like it might be the next big rival for Apple's MacBook Air with its lightweight and chic build. The laptop is being claimed as the "world's thinnest laptop", measuring just 10.4mm thin, meaning you could slip this bad boy into any case and head out on the go. That's significantly thinner than the MacBook Air which is 13.2mm thick. And with the way the Spectre looks, you're going to want to show it to your friends and colleagues. HP has this sexy video to describe the vibe behind the creation of the Spectre 13.

Source: YouTube

The video describes the notebook as a "marriage of engineering and design working together" and you can really tell that a lot of focus was put on the look and feel of this device. The use of the copper color and the desire to have the device seem like a luxury item goes hand in hand with the popular notion that your tech can help define your style. Does this remind you of another brand? Yep, think about Apple and the customizing options that come with Apple Watch. It's a handy piece of technology, but there's no denying that it has been accepted and maybe even used as more of an accessory since its launch. So, maybe HP doesn't have a smartwatch that compares to Apple, but their notebook is certainly in the running.

Spectre Side View.jpgThe Spectre 13 notebook has reverse engineered pistons that lift the display from the inside. Source: HP

Along with the elegant design, HP is giving users something to look forward to next month with the capabilities of this laptop. The notebook uses the Core i5 or i7 processor, which is one of the most powerful processors available and also utilizes the USB C technology. It is supposed to have a battery life lasting about 9.5 hours and has a 13.3-inch, 1080p display with 8GB of RAM. Decked out with Bang & Olufsen audio and speakers that frame the keyboard on the side, the Spectre 13 is definitely considered high quality in design and engineering. And weighing in at only 2.45 pounds, the "world's thinnest laptop" is also light as a feather compared to other devices. HP has even designed a sharper logo that is featured on the back of the device.

Even though the device is purely a laptop, it has some other features that users might really like too, like the dark gray aluminum color of the body of the device. There isn't a touch screen or 4K display, but the hinges of the screen feature a reverse engineering lift mechanism that uses pistons to lift and lower the display. It looks pretty badass. Customers won't have to wait long to get their hands on this notebook because it ships next month at a pretty reasonable price point starting at $1,169.99. Customers can start pre-ordering on April 25th or you can wait until late May when a model will be available at Best Buy starting at $1,249.99. Adding this notebook to your tech collection might have you feeling a little bit like James Bond too!😎

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