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Would You Replace Your Paintings With An Electronic Canvas?

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Anne Parsons
Would You Replace Your Paintings With An Electronic Canvas?© 2018 Electric Objects

Okay, you've got the laptop, the tablet, the smartphone...maybe even an old PC lying around the place. Do you really need another computer in your house? 

The folks at Electronic Objects think so. They want you to own a computer made solely for art. Nothing else. They believe the time has come for an "integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home." 

The idea is interesting, and one I've seen many times in galleries. However, it raises all sorts of questions about art. Each time I've witnessed this kind of screen in a gallery there has been a point to it. The artist is deliberately using the screen for a certain purpose - to allow for movement, or to create a certain kind of effect. They have ownership over their own idea. 

The same can't be said for people freely downloading art from Google images. No one can say the artist has any control over their work, and how it is being reproduced. Jurica Dujmovic, of the Wall Street Journal wrote that "my guess is that it (Electronic Objects) will make it more widely available, more affordable and more accessible, without diluting the value of the original work." I can't say I agree with that.

Electronic Objects has commissioned a number of digital artists to produce original content for the screens. I would imagine that this is a move to counteract any potential backlash from artists over the reproduction of their work from the internet. 

Aside from those niggling reservations, At $499, it's hardly a steal. You might as well stick an iPad on the wall.  

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