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Yahoo Pays $200 Million To Get In On Mobile Ad Market

But will it all pay off?

Molly Holt
Yahoo Pays $200 Million To Get In On Mobile Ad Market© 2018 Eirik Refsdal - Flickr

One of her biggest acquisitions yet at Yahoo, today CEO Marissa Mayer confirmed that they have obtained mobile analytics and advertising startup Flurry.

Although the exact financial details haven’t been disclosed, the company allegedly paid more than $200million for the startup. Founded in 2005, Flurry works with developers and marketers to “optimise the mobile experience through better apps and more personalised ads” and has so far received more than $60 million in funding for its work with over 500,000 apps.

And the budding mobile ad market is not one that Yahoo wants to miss out on, expected to grow by a whopping 85% this year. Obviously, Google is a hundred steps ahead of everyone else, holding more than half of mobile ad spending this year, closely followed by Facebook (of course), whose share lies at 22%. The rest of the civilian companies retain just 3% of the market, with Yahoo possessing just 1%. Earlier this week statistics stating Yahoo’s ever declining revenue were revealed, so its no wonder the dwindling company have enlisted help. Not including the commissions it pays to partners for site traffic, Yahoo revealed that its takings were down by 3% in the second quarter - the company’s fourth decline in the past 5 periods.

We’re still not totally sure what this acquisition is all about. Sure, they’ve got analytics, but where’s all the innovation?


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