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You'll Never Pay A Bar Tab Again

'Clipp' simplifies drinking with its bar tab app

You'll Never Pay A Bar Tab Again© 2018 Jakob Montrasio - Flickr

Tabs always seem so easy until it comes to the actual paying part, right? Greg Taylor understands. So he has created Clipp: the bar tab in an app.

Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and soon also Windows 8, the app provides a simple, seamless and safe way to pay, no matter how many drinks you’ve had.

Once you’ve registered your account (which includes a photograph of yourself for identification and a credit card), you will be allocated a number. This number will sync with till screens so rather than divulging your bank details, showing a reference number is enough to get the drinks flowing. Because Chipp uses paypal to handle all transactions, there’s also much less risk than handing over your card and ID to a stranger behind the bar for a physical tab, and potentially forgetting to pick it up when you leave.

The app will also allow you to keep an eye on your night (at the start of it anyway), as information like total bill, individual prices and items are clearly displayed. You can also set up spend limits and work out tips, too. Once the drinks have gone dry, simply click ‘close tab’ and you will be emailed a receipt before your card is charged. And if you maybe should’ve stopped after that eighth beer and forget, or your phone runs out of battery, don’t worry - all open tabs will be automatically closed by the bar at the end of the night.

Already a bit of a regular on the restaurant apps scene, Taylor was inspired by his previous project ‘eCoffeeCard’. He notes how he ‘walked into a café and there was a little poster that showed the eCoffeeCard and the guy had put a big cross through it and written ‘eKebabCard’’ instead. Taylor wondered if maybe this guy was on to something.

Not only has the drinking and dining experience become secure and effortless, but you can also earn points with each tab to spend at participating venues. With over 130 of these already set up across Australia, a further 100 are about to go live, and Taylor hopes Clipp will eventually go global. New Australian legal regulations also make Clipp especially favourable, now requiring a pin to be entered for all transactions, meaning that bars may lose out on money when people skip their tab. But with Clipp, its a win-win situation. Bars serve less people but with more financial security, and customer’s save time and hassle. Rather than lining up with the masses at the end of the night to foot your bill, one click on Clipp will ensure you’re front of the queue for the kebab shop.

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