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You Wont Forget Your Toothbrush With This App

And other vacation essentials

Anne Parsons
You Wont Forget Your Toothbrush With This App© 2019 appelogen.be

Ever open your suitcase after a long-haul flight to look for your PJ's and toothbrush before you crash out, only to discover not only have you've forgotten your toothbrush, you've only brought your pajama top, and not bottoms? It's too late and too annoying to go traipsing down to the town look for an open shop. Ugh.

Well they do say there's an app for everything now, but I'm especially glad of this one. Packpoint. It's an app that builds a customised packing list for you, based on the type of trip you are going on. Wether you will be hiking, traveling internationally, swimming, or working, Packpoint will provide you with a checklist of things, so that you wont be forgetting your sandals again. Your packing list gets its own website too, so you can share your list with other people aboutto embark on a similar trip. Sounds good? Packpoint will also be so kind as to check the weather at your destination.

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