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Your Apple Watch Bling Will Cost You Big Time

$350 won’t get you one of these…

Michael Cruickshank
Your Apple Watch Bling Will Cost You Big Time© 2018 Apple

When the Apple Watch was announced in September this year, the biggest criticism many people had of it was its cost. At $350 the device would be the most expensive smartphone ever sold, and this price would come on top of the already expensive cost of an iPhone 6. With this price point it would unfavourably compete with similarly featured smart watches running Android and Windows, and may struggle to find people willing to buy it.

Apple clearly knows how to make a product expensive, but maybe we are still underestimating just how expensive the Apple Watch will be. Reporting by french Apple rumours website iGen cites anonymous sources that only the “`Sport” collection of the watch will be available for $350.

From there the price rapidly notches up. The more stylish standard Apple Watch collection, will be priced started at around $500. This means that if a users wants a metal-banded device, they would have to pay, at the bare minimum, twice the cost of the similar Moto360 or G-Watch R.

But this isn’t the most you could pay. Rumours also are circulating that the luxury ‘Edition’ collection of the Apple Watch will be a whole order of magnitude more expensive. They state that these high-end version of the Apple Watch will cost somewhere between $4000 to $5000. While obviously these devices’ solid gold casing and sapphire crystal screens would go some way to justifying this cost, previous estimates by jewelers has put the price of the device at little more than $1000.

Obviously, the Apple Watch is not being intended as a device for the lower, or even middle classes. However, while slowly transitioning into a luxury brand, Apple is running the risk of shooting itself in the foot. In the tech world, market share is everything, and if your platform has few users, it is also likely to have few developers, few apps and few accessories, making it subsequently have less value. Apple will have to be careful into the future so as to ensure that their products remain at least somewhat affordable to everyday people.

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