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Your Computer Will Soon Replace Your Significant Other

It Can Read Your Emotions With 87% Accuracy.

Molly Holt
Your Computer Will Soon Replace Your Significant Other

You watch movies together, laugh together, snuggle up together, and spend more time together than you do with any of your actual friends, so when do you take the plunge and just completely change that Facebook relationship status to “married to my computer”.

Well, it may be sooner than you think, now that researchers in Bangladesh have developed a new computer program that is able to understand how you feel. Yep, the day has come when computers are becoming better at being humans than humans themselves, able to read your emotions up to 87% of the time (a human’s ability probably sits somewhere in the 30’s). But how?

By analysing user’s typing patterns (you know that aggressive key-slamming you do when you’re angry… yep, that), as well as the actual words that you are typing, technology is able to work out how you feel. Joy and anger were detected most frequently (87% and 81% of the time, respectively), while guilt oddly came in next at 77%, disgust at 75%, sadness at 71%, shame at 69% and fear at 67%. Yep, guilt, shame and disgust can actually be perceived by a computer these days, apparently. And we still can’t even detect sarcasm. The researchers believe that their technology will be able to improve “the present systems in gaming, online teaching, text processing, video and image processing, user authentication and so many other areas where user emotional state is crucial”. Or, you could just use it to replace your annoying partner. And it will let you watch what you want on TV.


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