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Your Dog Can Now Upload Its Selfies On Social Media

A trick that even Cesar Millan can't train a dog to do

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Your Dog Can Now Upload Its Selfies On Social Media© 2023 Pexels

For all dog lovers out there, we know that you’re obsessed with taking photos and videos of your dogs’ daily activities, even when they’re really not doing anything. But who can blame you? They’re just the cutest and sweetest creatures out there and they’re so fun to play around with. Some of you are so obsessed that your social media timeline becomes a shrine dedicated to them! But what if we tell you that there’s a more convenient way of posting their adorable photos online? How? By letting them post it themselves.

You bathe them, feed them and you even put up with their bad behavior when you have guests, so now it’s time they lend you a hand by managing their own social media. Thanks to Posting Tail, this is all possible. Now, your dog can start posting selfies online without it having to lift a paw.

Saatchi & Saatchi Mardid, in partnership with the well-known dog food brand Pedigree, has developed one of the most advanced technologies made for dogs called, the Posting Tail. This technology allows dogs to take photos of it and upload it online just by wagging its tail. According to Saatchi & Saatchi Mardid, “When the dog sees something it likes, it wags its tail in a particular way. An accelerometer detects this movement and sends a signal to a camera. The camera takes a picture that automatically uploads onto the pet’s social media.  The device is capable of distinguishing a regular tail wag from a happy one, thanks to a Raspberry processor with matching learning capabilities. It also includes a GPS so you know which places make the dog happier.”

The Posting Tail is a superhero looking vest that is strapped on to a dog and it has four major features: a sensor, camera, WiFi Dongle 3G, and Raspberry processor. This processor helps identify the dog's wag to happy or normal wag, so your dog won’t be posting pictures all day on social media, because they just can’t be more vain than you already are.

More than your dog being a social media guru, the intent for this device is for owners to understand their pets better. This will enable dog owners to know what makes their pets happy (like a specific place, people, and food). Knowing those little details can help us provide a happier environment for our pets just like how we like to surround ourselves with things that make us feel like wagging our tails (if we had any).

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