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Your Favourite Sites Are Getting Bigger And Better

New acquisitions and updates to the social media top dogs

Molly Holt
Your Favourite Sites Are Getting Bigger And Better© 2018 Howard Lake - Flickr


Its news on a similar sadness spectrum to that time you dropped your dinner on the floor (surely we’ve all felt that pain at some point?) but Facebook Gifts is officially shutting down. No not your favourite gifs, I said Facebook Gifts. Oh you don’t know what that is? Well, nor do we really. Started in 2010 and originally called Gift Shop, it was replaced with a physical gift shop in 2012 after they acquired present-giving app Karma. The funeral is officially set for the 12th August, although it will remain in spirit with the redistribution of its team elsewhere in Facebook’s ongoing attempt to monetize its site by incorporating a buy button, auto-fill options, and multi-product adverts.



Twitter has bought yet another startup in its quest for social media domination, this time snapping up image search startup MadBits. Financial details of the deal are yet to be disclosed, as news only started circulating after the company’s co-founder Louis-Alexandre Etezad-Heydari changed his LinkedIn information to “senior software engineer at Twitter”. Oooer, this is just like when we find out who else is having a baby from their Facebook status.



Accidentally outed in a promo banner last Thursday, Instagram have officially released their first standalone app called ‘Bolt’ (but only in Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand). Rather than the over edited photos and filters that give the photo app its name, the new release will instead focus on a much more ephemeral form of communication. Similarly to Snapchat and Slingshot, the app will let users send quick, self-destructing messages instead, in a bid to up their number of active users.


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