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7 Key Features To Expect From Apple's iOS 9

Apple's iOS 9 is drawing near. See what you can expect from the newest iOS!

Roselle Jean Dancel
7 Key Features To Expect From Apple's iOS 9© 2018 Apple

Apple's newest iOS is almost out! 

A preview of Apple’s iOS 9 has been released; and this has been a much-awaited event for religious Apple users. They've come up with key features that promote a more efficient, functional and proactive operating system. Aside from this, they want their users to have a better, every-day appreciation for features they've added and enhanced.

What can we expect from the newest iOS? Here's 7 key features to watch out for:

1. Photos

It's not really a key feature, but it's convenient, and makes things more organized. Photos offers a Selfie folder where your countless selfies can be stored. Screenshots also gets its own folder.

photogalleryios9.jpg2. Notes 

Notes become more useful with its numerous additional functions. It now has a built-in checklist, toolbar, hyperlinking abilities, and camera/camera roll access. They've also added a scribble pad to jot down notes, or even do quick sketches. 

ios9-logo-features-notes-app.jpg3. News

They've added a new app called News where users can have access to a wide range of news while using an awesome interactive interface. Now, you can always be in-the-know.

ios9_news_app.jpg4. Maps

You won't feel as lost with Map's new improvements. New maps and info regarding public transit have been integrated. You can also view suggested walking directions (useful for those who love to wander on their feet).

maps1.jpg5. Siri

She's become smarter and bold. Siri gets an upgrade with her proactive assistant features. She powers a more intelligent Search engine, and can now understand context.

siriios9.jpg6. iPad Multitasking Features

The iPad gets a slight makeover with its multitasking attributes. You can view it in split screen, slide over to other apps, and even have a "picture-in-picture" mode where you can watch your favorite shows (while attending to other important things).


picinpicis9.jpegPicture-in-Picture Mode

7. Low Power Mode 

Finally, they did something with the battery! Toggling this feature may extend battery life up to 3 hours. You wouldn't have to worry (so much) about carrying your powerbank or charger with you everywhere.


The iOS 9 has definitely made some changes. Hopefully, avid Apple users (like myself) get a lot out of it. Here's a video to know more about the iOS:

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