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Your World, Your Speakers

You won't bore anyone with Bluetooth speakers like these

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Bluetooth speakers have totally changed the way people can enjoy their music. You can be hiking up a mountain or just be enjoying a movie at home and still use the same speakers. In a few words, they are an investment that you will most probably use everywhere and at the most random times.  

Picking the right one can be a serious challenge. Below is a short list of Bluetooth speaker options that just might help you get the pair that is perfect for you:

1. Bose Soundlink Mini II

This brand has always been known for its superb quality to audiophiles. The Bose Soundlink Mini II delivers music cleanly even when played at high volume. It takes many design cues from its predecessor and its iconic sleek looks pack some serious punch inside the casing.

Price: $199.95

2. Nyne Bass

These uniquely designed speakers provide more performance than you might think. Consumers will also be happy to know that the Nyne Bass offers solid performance that is true to its name. While not the most portable, its price tag makes it an attractive option if you want true performance.

Price: $114 - $135                                            


3. Sony SRS-X3

Sony is very much in the Bluetooth speaker game precisely because of this particular model. It is, in a few words, a cheaper contender to the more expensive Bose Soundlink Mini. Brand loyalists will be happy to link up their Xperia to this baby.

Price: $130 - $149


4. Jawbone Big Jambox

These premium speakers are heavy on the budget. The Jawbone Big Jambox is also three times the size of its smaller cousin—but not so much with the sound quality. It might be a good idea to just stick with the Mini. Conduct your conference call with it though as it has a business-grade speakerphone.

Price: $229



5. UE Roll

These uniquely designed (and waterproof!) speakers are a treat both to the ears and to the eyes. It is a refreshing and budget friendly option. Oh, the UE Roll Double Up app allows multiple Rolls to play simultaneously so that your music can be played across greater distances.

Price: $99


6. TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

It is quite a mouthful but the TDK Life on Record TREK Max A34 Weatherproof Speaker is crammed with features at a competitive price tag. For instance, the USB port can be used to charge your devices. It is a marked improvement over TDK’s previous speakers and is a great compromise on features versus price.

Price: $139.95

 TDK Life on Record.jpg

7. Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

These cool speakers come with practical features like a flashlight and charger. It is not much on sound quality but it is a reliable companion when going outdoors and you need a product that will deliver. Best used on a bicycle because of the mount it comes with and the warning light options of the flashlight.

Price: $79.95




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