Comparing BlackBerry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 520

1. BlackBerry Z10

44 Reasons why BlackBerry Z10 is better

Comparing BlackBerry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 520

1.Way more battery power
1800mAhvs 1430mAh (Nokia Lumia 520)
2.Noticeably faster CPU clock speed
2 x 1.5GHzvs 2 x 1GHz (Nokia Lumia 520)
3.Significantly higher pixel density
356ppivs 233ppi (Nokia Lumia 520)
4.Modestly bigger screen size
4.2"vs 4" (Nokia Lumia 520)
The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
5.Sizably more megapixels (photo)
8MPvs 5MP (Nokia Lumia 520)
6.Appreciably more RAM memory
2GBvs 0.5GB (Nokia Lumia 520)
7.Vastly higher resolution
768 x 1,280pxvs 480 x 800px (Nokia Lumia 520)
9mmvs 9.9mm (Nokia Lumia 520)
9.Considerably more internal storage
16GBvs 8GB (Nokia Lumia 520)
10.Is DLNA certified
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
All DLNA certified products are compatible with one another. When different devices are connected to the same network, data can be transferred easily between them.
11.Significantly better video recording quality
1,080 x 30fpsvs 720 x 30fps (Nokia Lumia 520)
12.Has NFC
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
NFC (near field communication) allows a device to perform simple wireless transactions.
13.Notably wider aperture at minimum focal length
2.2vs 2.4 (Nokia Lumia 520)
With a wider aperture the sensor can capture more light, helping to avoid blur by enabling a faster shutter speed. It also provides a shallow depth of field, allowing you to blur the background to focus attention on the subject.
14.Has a BSI sensor
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
A BSI (backside illuminated) sensor is a camera image sensor which captures better quality images in poor lighting conditions, and offers better overall sharpness and image quality.
15.Has a video light
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
A video light helps when recording a movie in low-light situation like a party.
16.Has a gyroscope
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
A gyroscope is a sensor that can be used to either measure or maintain the orientation of a device. Traditionally, they were built using a spinning rotor to detect changes in orientation, eg. twisting or rotation.
17.Has a flash
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
A flash is good for low-light environments, and can sometimes be used as flashlight.
18.Has a HDMI output
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
Devices with a HDMI or mini HDMI port can transfer high definition video and audio to a display.
19.Has a front camera
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
A front camera can be used for video chats / self portraits.
20.Has a compass
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
A compass is useful in games, map and navigation software.
21.True Multitasking
This means I can run a lot of apps in real time with 100% uptime,so I can call someone swipe up go on the browser look something up while still talking, swipe up again to keep playing a game while still talking, so forth and so on
22.Multicolored Led flash ( LED notification colors)
different statuses indicated with different colors,you can also get apps that will let you mix and match the colors , so depending on who's calling , like red/green could be your mom while purple/orange could be work calling and on and on
23.Blackberry protect
You can locate your device using the Blackberry Protect website ,then from there you can wipe it, send a message to it, sent a tone to it or even find it by GPS ,it's a really cool feature and it's free :)
24.Has a built-in HDR mode plus geotag
add your GPS location to your phone plus you can turn it on or off , same goes for [url] swipe from the top when in your in camera mode and select setting
25.Suports Adobe flash
You can turn this feature on or off just go too switch it on at browser's Settings > Display and Actions.
26.Better security
You might have seen in the news that the President Obama only uses a Blackberry phone that's because it has far more better security then anyone else .
27.Put your contact details on your lock screen
By going to Settings > Display, you can add your name or whatever so if someone finds you phone they know how to get a hold of you
28.The keyboard has more features
The keyboard is considered as the best of the kind in bb10. With its ability to learn new words and automatically predict your next word
29.Better optimized OS
Touchwiz isn't all that smooth and stable
30.Has Blackberry hub
BlackBerry Hub gathers all of the messages and notifications that you receive from your different accounts into one convenient location,just swipe up and to the right at anytime no matter what app your in or what your doing to see
31.A removable battery
32.U can install all tpyes of apps like apk or apple apps
Takes a bunch of little pictures so from one photo so you can choose the best one,pretty cool feature
34.The z10 has hot spot sharing
not economical on s5
35.The class
When someone asks you which phone you have and you say htc they say ahh ohky. But if you say i've got BB then they have that classy feeling of blackberry which is uncompareable
36.Night Time Clock
just swipe down from the top when your lock screen is on or when you go into your [url] feature because it turns off your notifications when your night time clock is on ,it's also easy on the eyes
37.Better look and design
NS7II has much more proffesional look than NS6. When you come to the party beacose of the NS7II guests are looking at you as a better DJ from the whole beginning
38.Has a beautiful display
39.Two finger swipe up while in the browser for shortcuts
B for Bottom T for Top R for Reader P for Back S for Search H for History K for Bookmarks L for Refresh I for Zoom in O for Zoom Out N for Forward Space for scroll
40.More gestures
more gestures then you can shake a stick at,might want to google this one , to many list here
BlackBerry 10
Yesvs No (Nokia Lumia 520)
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2. Nokia Lumia 520

28 Reasons why Nokia Lumia 520 is better

Comparing Nokia Lumia 520 vs BlackBerry Z10

124gvs 137g (BlackBerry Z10)
2.Has a radio
Yesvs No (BlackBerry Z10)
It works as an FM radio with included headsets
3.Has an IPS screen
Yesvs No (BlackBerry Z10)
IPS (In-Plane Switching) is a technology used for LCDs. It was designed to overcome the main limitations of normal TFTs TN-matrices: relatively slow response times, small viewing angles and low quality color reproduction.
64mmvs 65.6mm (BlackBerry Z10)
119.9mmvs 130mm (BlackBerry Z10)
6.Has a two-stage shutter
Yesvs No (BlackBerry Z10)
A two-stage shutter is good for taking photos like a pro; apply pressure to the button in order for the lens to focus, and then press it fully to capture the photograph.
7.Has manual exposure
Yesvs No (BlackBerry Z10)
This allows to manually set the exposure.
8.Measurably less body volume
76cm³vs 77.22cm³ (BlackBerry Z10)
9.Distinctly lower SAR for head (USA)
0.77W/kgvs 1.07W/kg (BlackBerry Z10)
SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) describes how much radio frequency energy emitted by the device will be absorbed by your body. The rate is measured at head level. The legal limit is 1.6 W/kg in the USA.
10.Glove friendly touchscreen
These super sensitive touchscreens are good for colder climates.
11.Has a AMOLED Display
Deeper blacks and Brighter Whites, The display literaly disappears, you wont be able to distinguish the screen from the bezel
12.Very low cost
Cost U$122 (Unlocked)
13.Better at low light photos
Significantly better at low light places (not using the flash)
14.Has a light sensor. can use auto brightness
some nokia phones do not have a light sensor or a proximity sensor(630)
15.Has a proximity sensor
16.Way Better Camera
Nokia Lumia 520's camera is way faster and with better image quality
17.Better gaming
i own lumia 520 despite of its low ram it never hangs and temple run 2 runs without any lag while i have seen on my friend's redmi temple run2 doesnt run smoothly. I was surprised quad core performance was expected to be superior but is not
18.Normal size
has a average size and not abnormally large as 1320 like a tablet
Windows Phone 8
Yesvs No (BlackBerry Z10)
20.Windows Phone 8
Longer battery life
21.Less or virtually no virus
RT is still virus prone but only has Windows Defender.
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