Panasonic NR-BK305
Panasonic NR-BK305
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Panasonic NR-BK305 review: 12 facts and highlights

1. Has an air filter

This eliminates odours while also keeping the air clean and fresh.
Panasonic NR-BK305
46% have it

2. fridge capacity

This is the amount the refrigerator can hold in litres.
Samsung RF263TEAESR: 736l

3. width

Bosch KIV38X22GB: 541mm

4. thickness

Bosch KIN85AF30G: 500mm

5. weight

Gorenje RK60359OC: 77g

6. has top energy efficiency rating

The appliance is either Energy Star Certified, or has an EU energy efficiency rating of A++ or A+++. This means it consumes around 20-30% less energy than is required by the minimum local standards for energy efficiency.
Panasonic NR-BK305
74% have it

7. height

Samsung RSA1STMG: 734mm

8. vegetable drawers

Dedicated vegetable drawers keep vegetables fresher for longer.
Smeg FQ60XP: 4

9. Has humidity control

Humidity control prolongs the life of fresh foods stored in the refrigerator. For example fruit is best kept in a low humidity setting while the likes of spinach and basil are best kept at the higher setting.
Panasonic NR-BK305
77% have it

10. There is the option to adjust the height of the machine

You can adjust the height of the machine which means that if the floor is uneven you can level it out.
Panasonic NR-BK305
16% have it

11. annual power consumption

The more power per year a device consumes, the less energy efficient it is, making it more costly over time.
LG LFX29927ST: 0kWh

12. freezer capacity

This is the amount the freezer can hold as measured in litres.
KitchenAid KFXS25RYWH: 708l

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