Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1
Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1
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Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1 review: 11 facts and highlights

1. Has a freezer light

The freezer light will allow you to see inside the freezer more clearly.
Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1
72% have it

2. shelves number

The more shelves the refrigerator has the more options it creates for increased storage.

3. height

Samsung RSA1STMG: 734mm

4. width

Bosch KIV38X22GB: 541mm

5. has a child lock

A child lock enables adults to prevent or restrict children’s use of the device.
Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1
25% have it

6. thickness

Bosch KIN85AF30G: 500mm

7. door bins

Door bins are useful for storing goods that won’t be affected too much by the loss of temperature opening and closing of the door brings, such as eggs.
Bauknecht 855059801340: 10

8. egg holders

This is the number of trays the refrigerator has to specifically store eggs. They may also be removed in order to enable more storage space for other items.
Bosch KGN36AW32G: 3

9. Has a fast cooling switch

The fast cool switch will drop the temperature at the click of a button to ensure your groceries will cool as soon as possible.
Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1
34% have it

10. Has automatic defrosting

A self-defrosting freezer cycles on/off periodically to melt and remove ice that would otherwise build up in the freezer's interior.
Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1
46% have it

11. has top energy efficiency rating

The appliance is either Energy Star Certified, or has an EU energy efficiency rating of A++ or A+++. This means it consumes around 20-30% less energy than is required by the minimum local standards for energy efficiency.
Panasonic NR-BS63VSX1
74% have it

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