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Pebble Time
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Pebble Time: 35 facts and highlights

1. Is dustproof and water resistant

Dustproof/water resistant at depth equal to or greater than 1 meter.
Pebble Time
77% have it

2. screen size

The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
Neptune Pine: 2.4"

3. battery power

Neptune Pine: 900mAh

4. weight

Huawei Honor Band Z1: 25g

5. Is compatible with Android

It is compatible with a range of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Pebble Time
75% have it

6. Screen is always on

The screen is always on, allowing you to see the time without having to unlock your device.
Pebble Time
35% have it

7. battery life

With a longer battery life you don’t have to worry about charging the device as often.
Cogito Fit: 365days

8. thickness

MetaWatch M1 Core: 5.1mm

9. pixel density

LG Watch Sport: 491ppi

10. resolution

144 x 168px
LG Watch Sport: 480 x 480px

11. Is compatible with iOS

It is compatible with a range of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch.
Pebble Time
69% have it

12. Bluetooth version

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular 42mm: 4.2

13. Watch band is replaceable

The watch band is removable and can be replaced by any standard watch band of the correct size, allowing you to customise it to your liking.
Pebble Time
62% have it

14. has voice commands

You can use your voice to control key functions of the device and you can easily access your device without pushing any button.
Pebble Time
63% have it

15. Has silent alarm

The device can wake you using vibration, so as not to disturb anyone else sleeping in the room.
Pebble Time
32% have it

16. Tracks distance

It tracks how far you travel.
Pebble Time
62% have it

17. has a compass

A compass is useful in games, map and navigation software.
Pebble Time
48% have it

18. height

Sony SmartWatch: 36mm

19. Measures pace

Measuring pace shows how much time it takes to travel one kilometer or one mile. For example, in running, a 4 minute kilometer would be a very good pace.
Pebble Time
38% have it

20. Tracks steps taken

It tracks how many steps you take throughout the day, allowing you to see how active you have been.
Pebble Time
82% have it

21. width

Huawei TalkBand B1: 19.3mm

22. RAM

Misfit Vapor: 4GB

23. Has call control

The device alerts you to incoming calls on your smartphone, and allows you extra control such as muting or rejecting the call.
Pebble Time
75% have it

24. has an accelerometer

An accelerometer is a sensor used to measure the linear acceleration of a device. A common application is detecting when a device changes between vertical and horizontal positions.
Pebble Time
88% have it

25. volume

Sony SmartWatch: cm³

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