Philips Saeco Exprelia
Philips Saeco Exprelia
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Philips Saeco Exprelia review: 33 facts and highlights

1. Has burr grinder

A burr grinder works in such a way that you can get a consistent, uniform size of grind each time, which is one of the key aspects of getting great tasting espresso. On the other hand an inferior blade grinder often leaves you with an inconsistent grind.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
49% have it

2. programmable buttons

These buttons can be programmed for different types of coffee such as an espresso, doppio or ristretto. This means once you have mastered a particular style of coffee, you can get it the same every time.
Philips Saeco Xelsis: 6

3. Has a removable water tank

The water tank is removable, making it easier to refill.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
92% have it

4. water tank capacity

With a larger water tank you don’t have to refill it as often.
Quick Mill Monza Deluxe: 3l

5. Has an integrated grinder

The espresso machine has an integrated grinder so that you don’t have to buy a separate one.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
74% have it

6. has a touch screen

You can operate the device easily, by pressing the screen with your fingers.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
8% have it

7. Uses ground coffee

Ground coffee, especially if freshly roasted and ground, results in much better quality coffee than the kind of results you get with pods or capsules.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
72% have it

8. Cup clearance is adjustable

An adjustable cup clearance is useful when you wish to use larger cups and mugs, such as when making a latte macchiato.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
92% have it

9. Has one touch cappuccino

With one press of a button you can create a cappuccino.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
49% have it

10. Has cup warmer

With a cup warmer you can heat the cups before pulling your espresso so that it doesn't go cold quickly, which affects the taste and quality. It also means that you don’t have to manually heat them using hot water.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
42% have it

11. Has a steam wand

It has a steam wand, which allows you to make steamed/frothed milk to create other drinks from an espresso base.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
55% have it

12. Has integrated filter

An integrated water filter produces cleaner water for brewing espresso. It also helps to prevent the build up of limescale.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
46% have it

13. Has a hot water outlet

A hot water outlet is useful as it can be used to heat cups, as well as making americanos, long blacks and teas.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
62% have it

14. Has integrated milk frother

With an integrated milk frother, the machine can automatically produce frothed milk for use in cappuccinos and other drinks.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
58% have it

15. dump box capacity

The machine automatically deposits the used coffee grounds or pods into the dump box after extraction. The dump box capacity shows how many drinks you can create before it is full.
Philips Saeco Royal Gran Crema: 20

16. weight

Krups Dolce Gusto Piccolo: 2.3kg

17. volume

DeLonghi Pixie: 8503.71cm³

18. Has a rotary vane pump

A rotary vane pump is most often found on commercial and high-end consumer machines, and offers much quieter operation compared to the more common, vibratory pump.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
0% have it

19. Can brew and steam simultaneously

With a double boiler or heat exchanger system, you can brew and steam milk at the same time. This has an advantage over single boiler machines where you have to wait between brewing and steaming for the temperature to adjust.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
22% have it

20. Has a display

The device has an electronic display to present information to the user.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
59% have it

21. height

DeLonghi Pixie: 235mm

22. Water tank is transparent

With a transparent water tank you can easily see when it needs to be filled up. This is important as attempting to make an espresso with an empty tank can damage the machine.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
35% have it

23. number of grind settings

A higher number of grind settings gives you more flexibility when choosing the fineness of your ground coffee. The particle size is important as a grind which is too coarse can produce weak tasting espresso, whereas a grind which is too fine can lead to a bitter taste.
Philips Saeco Royal Gran Crema: 18

24. Has a pre-infusion function

With a pre-infusion function you get a low pressure of water before it ramps up to around 9 bar of pressure. This gently expands the grinds to get a smooth extraction and to help prevent channeling in the cake.
Philips Saeco Exprelia
67% have it

25. bean hopper capacity

A bigger bean hopper means that you have to refill it less often.
Nuova Simonelli Prontobar: 800g

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