Pioneer Rekordbox

Pioneer Rekordbox

Pioneer Rekordbox review: 11 facts and highlights

Pioneer Rekordbox
Pioneer Rekordbox

Why is Pioneer Rekordbox better than the average?


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1.Is compatible with Windows
Pioneer Rekordbox

It is compatible with PCs and laptops running the Windows operating system.

2.Is compatible with Mac OS X
Pioneer Rekordbox

It is compatible with Mac OS X devices such as MacBooks and iMacs.


1.Has loops
Pioneer Rekordbox

The DJ software lets you repeat certain effects or parts of a song as much as you want. It started with CDJ players, where there was a “loop in” and “loop out” pair of buttons. You had to time precisely when you hit the buttons to get the perfect loop.

2.has a graphic waveform
Pioneer Rekordbox

The software features a graph that will illustrate the vibration/wave of the track that is currently playing.

3.Has a phaser effect
Pioneer Rekordbox

An effect produced by running a signal through an allpass filter, and then combining it with the original signal. This produces a comb filter response, which creates a whirling type sound effect. This is more subtle than a flanging effect, and commonly found in ‘70s rock and jazz.

Audio processing

1.Has quantization
Pioneer Rekordbox

The Dj software enables you to snap loops or effects to a certain time in the song. This can automatically be set per bar or per beat.

2.Has reverse play
Pioneer Rekordbox

The DJ software can play songs in reverse mode. When activated the track starts going backwards.

3.Has cue points
Pioneer Rekordbox

The software allows you to designate a point in the current song where you want the next song or sound effect to start.

4.Has hot cues
Pioneer Rekordbox

The DJ software gives you the ability to set cue points while the music is playing (on the fly). Usually, multiple hot cue points can be set in an individual track.


1.Has beat gridding feature
Pioneer Rekordbox

This feature will find beats in the music so you can assign them to certain sound, effects and songs. Usually a visible grid appears over the track spectrum.

2.Create your favourite playlists
Pioneer Rekordbox

The DJ software lets you create and save playlists with all your favourite tracks. Playlists can be saved, modified and played over and over.

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