Pure Jongo S3
Pure Jongo S3
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Pure Jongo S3: 15 facts and highlights

1. height

Soundmatters FoxL DASH7: 19mm

2. width

Scosche boomBOTTLE mini: 34.5mm

3. volume

Meridian Explorer 2: 58.75cm³

4. weight

Meridian Explorer 2: 50g

5. Bluetooth version

Apple HomePod: 5

6. has a battery level indicator

An indicator shows you when the device has low battery.
Pure Jongo S3
31% have it

7. drivers count

A speaker driver is an individual transducer that converts electrical energy to sound waves. More drivers may result in better sound quality.
Vifa Stockholm 2.0: 8

8. Has WiFi

The device can connect to WiFi.
Pure Jongo S3
43% have it

9. Can be used wirelessly

Wireless devices allow users more freedom of movement.
Pure Jongo S3
76% have it

10. thickness

Braven 850: 7mm

11. has a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack

With a standard mini jack socket, you can use the device with most headphones.
Pure Jongo S3
42% have it

12. USB ports

With more USB ports, you are able to connect more devices.
JBL Boombox: 2

13. has a mute function

The device has an option to mute/unmute a conversation directly from the device.
Pure Jongo S3
15% have it

14. has USB mass storage support

It can transfer files, music, photos via USB, no need to install additional software.
Pure Jongo S3
13% have it

15. has a neodymium magnet

Devices with neodymium magnets are lighter and more powerful than those which use ferrite magnets. They also have more bass and clear high notes.
Pure Jongo S3
9% have it

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