Reloop BeatMix LTD.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
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Reloop BeatMix LTD. review: 38 facts and highlights

1. number of buttons

The more buttons the device has, the more complex the input can be.
Numark 4TRAK: 95

2. weight

Ion Audio DJ2GO: 454g

3. number of faders

Faders can be either channel volume faders, pitch sliders, crossfaders or even EQs.
Vestax Spin: 13

4. has a frequency filter

The device has a filter knob (hi-lo pass) for each channel. Filters are used to manipulate sound and control which frequencies are lost and which are retained.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
39% have it

5. number of knobs

More knobs (rotating controls) can give the user more dedicated control over the device, eg. volume, effects, EQs etc. Types of knobs may differ: endless type or step type.
Allen & Heath Xone 4D: 56

6. encoders

A type of knob that has a push button functionality built in. Encoders are for browsing and selecting your digital sound files or turning on a function that makes use of a control's rotation such as sound effects or tempo/tap tempo selection.
Reloop Jockey 3 ME: 13

7. drum pads

The pads section is ideal to trigger loops and samples, using your finger drum skills.
Stanton SC System 3: 47

8. RCA connector output ports

Is a type of electrical connector (phono) commonly found on audio equipment. It is used to carry audio signals and facilitate connection between various sources in audio systems.
Allen & Heath Xone 4D: 12

9. microphone inputs

The total number of microphone input ports (usually XLR or ¼”) the device has. The majority of professional microphones use the XLR connector that ensures a better sound quality.
Pioneer DDJ-SZ: 2

10. height

Hercules DJ 4Set: 25mm

11. Does not require power adapter

Devices that do not need a power adapter can operate with a standard USB cable connected to your computer.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
72% have it

12. headphone sockets

The number of headphone output ports the device has (usually 6.35mm or 3.5mm).
Reloop Terminal Mix 8: 2

13. outputs

Is the total amount of outputs that the device has. More output ports allow users to connect more output devices such as power amplifier, submixer, recorders or powered loudspeakers.
Allen & Heath Xone 4D: 10

14. TRS connector output ports

A TRS/phone connector (6.35mm) is a connector used to carry analog signals, primarily audio. It is commonly called jack or 1/4" jack.
Hercules DJ Console Rmx: 4

15. Has plug and play feature

The device is set up and ready to be used with the included software.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
54% have it

16. Has backlit LED buttons

Buttons will light up when pressed, resulting in better visibility to users.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
98% have it

17. has Virtual DJ software

The bundle includes Atomix Virtual DJ software ready to install. Usually this is a basic version of the software.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
31% have it

18. RCA connector input ports

Is a type of electrical connector (phono) commonly found on audio equipment. It is used to carry audio signals and facilitate connection between various sources in audio systems.
Allen & Heath Xone 4D: 20

19. inputs

The total number of inputs that the device has. More input ports mean that more input sources such as microphones, CD players or turntables can be connected at once.
Allen & Heath Xone 4D: 10

20. Has a music folder navigation control

A type of knob that also has a push button functionality built in. Allows users to navigate through music folders and select tracks.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
94% have it

21. mixer channels

With more channels available, more tracks could be mixed together. It is also possible to control additional external audio sources.
Reloop Terminal Mix 8: 4

22. Has a connector for a 6.35 mm audio jack

Has 6.35 mm standard jack connector to plug in your headphones.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
81% have it

23. XLR connector output ports

The XLR is an electrical connector primarily found in professional audio equipment. Balanced XLR connections are used for reducing the amount of noise and interference of audio signals.
Pioneer DDJ-SZ: 2

24. has a hot cue section

Hot cue buttons on the dedicated section can be used for beat juggling, live remixing or to edit a track down on the fly.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
55% have it

25. Has touch sensor jog wheels

Touch sensor jog wheel platters have an analog feel as well as a high resolution sound when mixing and scratching.
Reloop BeatMix LTD.
80% have it

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